Monday, January 5, 2015

I guess I've been busier than I thought!

A lot of people have been doing posts about how much they have made throughout 2014 and it got me wondering about my own finishes. Turns out I made 12 quilts this year! 4 of them were mini quilts, 2 were baby sized, and the rest were at least a throw size. Awesome! [side note - I still need to share that adorable Forest Abstractions finish with you - watch for it this Friday.]

1. A little Christmas cheer #lastminutechristmassamplerqal #stitchessleepover #FMQ, 2. Theo loves his new buddies! #babiesonquilts #forestabstractions #allofthecuteness, 3. Quilted and faced, details on the blog! Link in profile., 4. Mermaids, 5. Finished my mini, just needs a label., 6. Iridescence: a play of lustrous, changing colors., 7. Metallion, 8. Ocean Current, 9. Love My Life, a quilt with heart, 10. MQG Riley Blake Challenge finished! A rainbow of plusses for Lucy., 11. Not available, 12. Evergreen State Fair

Of course I also sewed quite a few other things. Check it out - apparently I sew a lot of bags and pouches. And I can think of at least 2 more special zipper pouches I made that I don't have pictures of.

(sorry, I didn't get the links but these are all on my flickr or this blog)

I even managed to finish up a few goals AND remember to link them up to A Lovely Year of Finishes in time!

1. MQG Riley Blake Challenge finished! A rainbow of plusses for Lucy., 2. Sewing Room Swap package sent, 3. Iridescence: a play of lustrous, changing colors., 4. Finished up your Super Tote last weekend - I hope you like it partner!5. Mermaids 6. Washi

So long as we're talking about goals, let's go back to that list I made a few months ago. I've actually finished some of those items! I made the teal Julia Cardigan and it was a major fail but I've since made a better one and have fabric cut out for one more. I also finished both Forest Abstractions and Falling. I've also made a good dent on starting several of the projects I had not at the time of the list.

I think for my January ALOYF goal, I will finish the Talahassee quilt top. I really want to have it done before I go to Quiltcon next month so I can take it to an Angela Walters class for input. I've made some more blocks since this photo and I kind of have an idea of how I want it laid out.

Alright, that's enough for one day. I'll be back Friday for sure. See you then!



  1. LOTS of sewing goodness! My fave is your Oakshott quilt I admit. ;-)

  2. Beautiful name. *grin*

    Congrats on all your finishes. It's so fun to see all you've accomplished--you did have a busy year. And I love the Tallahassee quilt top--Can't wait to see it all stitched together. Good luck!

  3. My kids love what you sew for them. Goose just wore her dress over winter break again. Still fits beautifully!


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