Thursday, November 6, 2014

The List

Do you ever feel like you have a million projects you could be working on, but then when you have some free time you can't remember what any of them are?? Yeah, that's me. All the time. So I thought I'd make a little list and update it once a month or so. Or just make a list and see what happens lol.

Started projects:
- Double gears quilt: I had a bee make me these blocks in 2013. They are still sitting there. I wonder if there are enough to make a quilt top with some negative space instead of 100% blocks? Hmmm...
- Julia cardigan from teal jersey sheets: pieces are cut, just need to sew!
- Butterfly washi dress: pieces cut, back shirred, need to figure out a sleeve option and finish sewing the dress.  *** This one is going to be my ALOYF goal for November ***
- Forest Abstractions baby quilt
- Finish hand-sewing binding on Metallion
- Finish hand-sewing facing on Falling
- Resonance quilt: back is pieced but needs to be fixed, top needs to be pieced still. Twin size.
- Talahassee quilt: blocks still coming in from Stash Fabulous bee and need to make LOTS more
- 2014 Pile O'Fabric Skillbuilder BOM

Projects I want/need to start:
- August C+S Diamonds in Diamonds quilt: fabric set aside, nothing else done
- Bitches Get Stitches Swap
- giant Aeroplane bag
- arrow quilt using Sarah No Hats free pattern
- Simply Color Medallion quilt
- Blackboard pencil pouch for side swap
- something with the quick curves ruler I bought
- something similar to Jaybird Quilts Delight pattern
- Zsalya top - raise bottom of yoke
- Syrah skirt
- V& Co Chelsea bag pattern
- Trail Tote
- more Julia cardigans
- more tiny pocket tanks
- more Washi tops
- Beyond Neutral Arrows quilt
- scrappy Forest Abstractions - maybe make a tiny dent in the scrap bin
- Plus block quilt from Bluebird Park charm pack

1 comment:

  1. That's a solid list! I think I might have to copy the idea to publish and regularly review it... We have the Julia Cardigan (on the list) in common :)


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