Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Super Tote

I bought Noodlehead's Super Tote pattern back in November when it was on sale for the holidays and I've been meaning to make it ever since. So naturally when it finally came time to make it, I made two! The first was for a swap that I'm still finishing up so more on that later. The second was for me after I scored some gorgeous Jungle Ave fabric before it was released to the public. Thanks to Stash Fabrics for selling some of your sample spree goodies a little early!!

I was SO excited to get this fabric. It's Sara Lawson's first line and part of the Art Gallery Fabrics Limited Edition brand. It was hard to narrow down just a few favorite prints to use in my bag - I didn't want it to be too overwhelming - but I got it down to the funky pink text print (Word on the Street) and the black and white polka dots (Dotted Boulevard) for my main prints. I used another AGF print for the lining and two more Jungle Ave prints (Floral Asphalt and Electreecity) for bag accents.

I had some sweet metal zippers in my stash that worked perfectly for the bag opening. I made a few changes to the lining pattern and left out the elastic pockets on this one. I did a smaller zip pocket on one side and tried to do a pocket similar to the outside one for the other side of the lining but I don't like it. It's really floppy. I need to figure out a way to fix it so maybe there will end up being some elastic in this bag as well. Any ideas?

I've been using this bag a bit already and I love it. My whole purse fits inside along with tons of other stuff that I obviously need to be hauling around (yeah right) so I think it will become my new "small personal item" on flights. Hah!



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