Monday, August 3, 2015

C+S mini quilt swap

I've been trying to sign up for less swaps as I'm always procrastinating to get them done but some are useless to resist against. This was one of them and with four months before it had to be sent, surely I would get it done with plenty of time to spare. Right? Not so much. But I did have a plan and knew what to make for at least 2 months if that counts for anything.

My partner Yanick wanted something creative and fun. I'd been eyeing the viewfinder pattern from Penny Layman's Paper Pieced Home book and thought it might look pretty cool along with Kim's view master pattern. It would give me a chance to show off little bits of many different Cotton and Steel prints as well. I wasn't sure if I would make 1 or 3 of the view master blocks but after making the first I knew it should just be the one.

I love the way these two blocks look together and it was fun digging through my C+S stash and all of my selvages (from my Quiltcon loot!) to find good bits for the pictures. I think I was able to cover a wide range of their collections. I finished it off with matchstick quilting and (of course!) viewfinder fabric for the binding.

Since I had all those selvages, I knew I wanted to use some in this swap. I put several together to make a backing for the mini and used several more to make fabric for a curvy clutch (free pattern). All in all, I was pretty happy with how this package turned out and Yanick liked it too. Yay!

In return, I was super excited to find this amazing package from Kat in my mailbox. Holy cow - this Rebel mini is so cool! I can tell she put a lot of work into it and I've been admiring it from my desk every day since. She also made me a great little clutch from the oh-so-popular typewriter fabric and included a few other fun extras. It's perfect! And in a fun coincidence, Kat lives somewhat close and will be coming to Seattle for the PNW MQG Meetup later this summer so we will actually get to meet.


  1. This is great! You did an awesome job on that viewmaster - super clever to combine both patterns in the same mini! And the mini you received is gorgeous too, of course.

  2. Pretty terrific swap, I'd say! I adore your viewfinder quilt - I can't even imagine how tedious it was to make! Love mini you received too. Win-win!

  3. Found your blog via ME BEING CRAFTY PODCAST ... Your episode was enjoyable ... I took a look at your blog and added to my FEEDLY blog reader.

    I use to make matching dresses for me and my DD... she would wear them til she got to the age of 5 to 6 then .... NO WAY MOMMA. DID you make a dress for the momma?

    Keep up the enjoyable blog looking forward to reading it in the future.


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