Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A matching dress for me

My last post was about dresses made for my niece but I actually bought that black floral print for myself. I've been muslining and experimenting with the Greenstyle Laurel dress and was finally ready to try the dress length. It was a happy coincidence that there was also enough of this print to make a little girl dress too!

I really like the Laurel pattern. It's similar to other patterns I have but so much more flattering for me with the pleats for the skirt instead of gathering. There are options for a few different sleeve lengths and a cowl neck too, but it's summer and it has been extremely hot over here in Seattle so I opted for a sleeveless scoop neck. And pockets. Mine had to have pockets too!

I don't recall what the finishing instructions were in this pattern but I went with another Coletterie recommendation and did wrapped binding to finish the arms and neck. For the hem I used a little seam binding tape to keep the bottom even, folded up twice, and finished with a twin needle right next to the fold. I think the seam tape gives it a little extra stability for the twin needle so I don't have any tunneling and the maxilock stretch thread in the bobbin gives a great stretchy seam.

The fabric came from Denver Fabrics, my first order with them. I love the print and it is sooooo soft - it's a cotton lycra. It's also survived a few washings so far in good condition and with good color retention. I would order from them again but now know they do not actually ship for a week or two after ordering. At least I know that now!

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    1. Thanks! I really like this pattern and will be making more of them.

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