Monday, November 3, 2014

Stitch it Swap

I'm a sucker for swaps and I just can't stop myself from signing up for them. I wonder if there's a 12 step program for that? I mean, they are always fun and I usually end up with some pretty awesome stuff but it can take a great deal of time figuring out what to make for your partner.

The most recent swap I took part in was the Stitch It Swap, hosted by Jennifer and Lindsey. This swap called for a pouch and some fun office supplies. I was given my partner and went to town stalking her. We seemed to like some of the same things and I wanted to try something with curves. I settled on the Paint Drips quilt and wanted to try to make it in a pouch version. My partner likes texty prints so I used those for the drips. I think it turned out alright though I do have some changes it would make for next time. Working with such small curves was a challenge for sure and I think I needed some even smaller to really make it work. Of course, I free motion quilted this one and each drip has a different motif. I added my partner's name to one of them also.

I wanted to play around with some more FMQ so I made a little blackboard pencil panel too. I turned that into a small, simple, zip pouch, bound on the sides with twill tape. I think it's a super cute addition to the bigger pouch.

I added in some of my fave crossover office supplies before sending it off to it's new home - glue (for basting all the things!), binder clips, super fine point sharpies, washi tape.

The package I received in return was awesome! Brandi made me a big pouch in my fave minty color and STUFFED it with office supplies. I was seriously spoiled over here. Notebooks, giant post its, washi, masking tape, and some fabulous drawing markers.

If you want to see some of the other amazing pouches made in this swap, have a look here. There are definitely a few I would like to recreate for myself!



  1. love your pouches - the pencils free motion quilting is awesome !


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