Wednesday, October 1, 2014

NW Quilting Expo

I went to my first big quilting expo/show this past weekend in Portland and it was great! The Seattle MQG had been invited to do a modern quilting exhibit so I was the one who took the quilts down and stayed for the show. It was only after all the quilts had been taken down that I realized I didn't take many pictures with the real camera of our SMQG exhibit. Sorry guys!

In addition to ours, there were so many beautiful quilts! I wanted to show you a few of my favorites. From the special exhibit on Portland bridges:

Riveting by Mary Kay Price

Sunset Under the Morrison Bridge by Judy Liebo

A Path to St. Johns by Carol Wilborn

Tilikum Crossing by Jolene Knight

Celery Green Crossing by Barbara Isom

Flying over Fremont by Barbara Sanders

And some others from the rest of the show:

winner of the viewers choice award
On a Quilted Breeze by the Oregon Coastal Quilters Guild - viewers choice award

Whitby Beach Houses by CarolAnne Olson

Coloring Outside the Lines by Mary Kay Price

Ocean Quilt by Cherie Teichroeb

I Dream of Wild Horses by Kristin Vierra

Snow Shadow by Mary Arnold

And of course, a few other fun shots from the show. I'll be back Friday to show you some gorgeous free motion quilting from the show.

My girl Violet Craft

Violet and Kristen Ballou, fellow trophy wives :)

Kristen with her beautiful quilt, Tidal Pool of Starfish

Elizabeth Hartman's Aviatrix in the Modern Domestic booth

And finally, me with my Pink Paper. We matched on Saturday.

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