Friday, September 19, 2014

Free Motion Friday: SEAM swap

Earlier this week I showed you my Diamonds in Diamonds mini that I had made with ayliN-Nilya's newest pattern. Now it's time to see all of the fun quilting I was able to do with it!

First up was the blue sections. I wanted to exaggerate those curves so I free motion quilted some curved grids in each of those.

In the yellow and white portions of the big diamond, I tried my best to copy the pattern of those cute little seed pods. It's pretty hard to see from the front but I love the way they look from the back! Here's a side by side comparison of the print and how it looks on the back.

In the green center, I needed something but I wasn't sure what. I ended up doing some straight lines in the diamond and then tried a few ribbon curves. I need to keep working on that one.

For the background, I used my regular foot (my walking foot and I don't get along) to sew half inch and quarter inch straight lines. Overall, I really love how this turned out!

Have a happy Free Motion Friday!


1 comment:

  1. The quilting is gorgeous! Very complimentary to the blocks - you did great.


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