Friday, March 4, 2016

Take me back to Quiltcon

Some of the quilts at the entry to the convention - see all the winners on the MQG blog

I've been home for almost 2 weeks and I'm still riding the inspiration high that is Quiltcon. I love being part of the Modern Quilt Guild, where I can connect and bond with other modern quilters. In Seattle, I'm lucky enough to have a very large local guild to sew with in person and that bunch is definitely a big part of why I love MQG so much. But I also have quite a few friends who live in my phone, connecting over instagram, swaps, and online bees. To me, the best part of Quiltcon is getting to see all of these phone friends in person.

Scenes from the show floor

If you have not been to Quiltcon, you NEED to go. This was my second time, having gone to Austin last year as well, so I knew a little better what to expect. Such as running straight for the Cotton and Steel booth to check if they were handing out tote bags (they were, love them!!). I also knew to expect to be busy 24/7 and to soak in as much inspiration as possible.

Jacquie Gering's class Activating Space was wonderful

Last year I did not have enough time to look at the actual quilts so I made more time for that this year. There was such a variety of colors and techniques and sizes and finishes. I have about a million more quilt ideas in my head now. I wanted to share a few of my favorite quilts from the show and some other fun happenings as well. I may end up doing another post later with some FMQ details from the show since there were so many that I loved. Enjoy!

My favorite: Falling by Kathy York @kakiyork

Second favorite: Holyoke 1938 by Timna Tarr @timnatarr

My favorite charity quilt: 35 Sisters by Pittsburgh MQG

Fun at Cotton and Steel booth with @kristenballou

Loved seeing Jenn Rossotti's Ephemera Quilt in person as it's inspired a few minis I'm making (including the Valentine Swap)

Eichler Homes by Mickey Beebe, winner of the triangle ruler challenge

So many gorgeous #modernminis4andover in the Andover Fabric booth

Twisted Sisters Quilt by the Denver Metro MQG, 3rd place winner in group/bee quilts

I have not yet decided if I'm going to Quiltcon East in Savannah next year. Before last week I was dead set against it because it's basically as far as you can get from Seattle in the USA. But now... I'm not sure. I think if I get some quilts in I will go for sure. Otherwise, some of you may have to talk me into it.

I was honored to have our Emerging Illusion quilt hanging in the show, with blocks made by the Emerge circle of Do. Good Stitches.

And it was even cooler when I realized that you could see both our quilt (far right) AND the Cheryl Brickey's Use Your Illusion (far left) from the same spot! We used Cheryl's pattern with a different color palette for our version.


  1. Your must come to Savannah! James and I were talked into it!

    1. I just might! I hope you two aren't driving again?!?

  2. Fun post! Thanks for sharing!


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