Thursday, December 31, 2015

Hexie Cats

I think it's about time to do a little catch up with some more of the quilts I finished this year. Let's start with this one, a baby quilt for a friend. Their little guy will be here in the next few weeks and I'm thinking he's going to like kitties as much as his parents do.

I had a fun bundle of Makower Cats with lots of adorable prints in there. I pulled out some of the more boy-friendly ones and finally tried Modern Handcraft's popular Modern Hexies tutorial. It was great! I made the hexies a little bigger - the sides are 1.5" instead of 1" so I was able to show more of some of the larger prints.

I assembled about half of the hexies her way and then decided to veer off course, armed with starch and my iron. It went so quickly this way! I just cut squares the right size to cover the hexagon paper, sprayed the fabric with a little starch, and then folded and pressed each side around the paper. Once they were cooled off, I took the papers out the the fabric held it's shape until it was glued onto the background fabric. I will definitely use this method again when doing Modern Hexies. They were a little difficult to line up just so but I love how it turned out. The backing is Pearl Bracelets - I think the triangles look fun with the circles.

And one last shot, playing around in the train station while our train was delayed.

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