Friday, March 27, 2015

Makin' shirts

So I've been on a bit of a kick lately with trying to make some shirts for me. I made a Staple dress and tried a few tiny pocket tanks in wovens but those were a little tricky with the darts and such so I decided to try some knits instead. Most of the clothes I like wearing are knit anyhow and I have a serger so I might as well go for it!

I got some pretty purple jersey knit from Girl Charlee (affiliate link with 10% off for you) and tried out Stitch Upon a Time's Flora pattern. I really like it! This one is the tunic length and it's super comfy.

Once I saw that I liked the pattern of course I wanted to make it again. Sara Lawson of Sew Sweetness was looking for people to sew up something with her very soon to be released fabric line, Fantasia. It's an adorable, whimsical collection full of unicorns and happiness. I've been wanting to try some of Art Gallery Fabric's knits so I asked Sara to send me some of Bous Trail Bluet. You guys, this knit is amazing. Soooooo soft and stretchy with great recovery.

I whipped up another Flora, this time in the shorter shirt length and with the button back closure. I really like the end result but oh my word was it hard to make buttonholes on knit, even with the help of interfacing.

Thanks so much for the fabric Sara! I can't wait for this line to be in stores so I can make something adorable for my little niece. Unicorns and pink are pretty much the best combo ever in her world!



  1. Really nice, Allison! It's fun to see you making garments you really enjoy!

  2. I love both your new tops! That button back is pretty awesome, even if it was a pain!!

  3. Beautiful!! You are such a great garment seamstress! That's awesome.


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