Friday, March 29, 2019

Owls at the Barn

My friends went on a bit of a baby spree last year - 4 of them born within a month! - and all but one* had received a quilt from me. Obviously this had to be remedied and once I came across Elizabeth Hartman's North Stars pattern, I knew what I would make for little Nate. All of the animals in this pattern are so adorably cute but I decided on the owl for this one.

North Stars blocks are 24" so not big enough for a baby quilt but I also didn't want to make 4 of them. I settled on 3 owls, doubled the borders (and turned them sideways), and added a bit of sashing. Voila! A baby quilt. Nevermind that he is now nearly 13 months old. At 40x48", it's a great size.

I used a cute Dear Stella fabric bundle along with some Kona solids and a gorgeous Windham cross-dyed aqua/white for the background. I'm pretty happy with the final quilt and I think Nate will be too.

Of course I had many options in my stash for a background but what could be more perfect than these houses? Not only are the owls right at home among them but they will do a fantastic job of hiding any stains that may come with the use of a baby quilt. Also, my 3 yr old nephew told me he likes this side better so.... I guess it's now a 2-sided quilt. Haha.

There's a little gathering spot near me called Country Village - they have shops (including a quilt shop), restaurants, a farmers market in the summer, wandering chickens and ducks, etc. It's all very quaint and unfortunately it's being torn down starting next month. I took this opportunity to take some pictures of the owl quilt around the village before it's gone. It was a nice little send-off I think. And now the owls have found a great home with their new friend.

* To my friends with older kids who do not have a quilt, I'm sorry. I just make more now than I did when yours were born!


  1. This turned out really sweet. And how nice to take your photos at Country Village! Great photos and they'll provide good memories I'm sure.

  2. Sweet quilt! The baby and family will love it!

    But I'm so sad that Country Village is being destroyed! I've been there a few times and it's a great stop - a quilt shop and something to do for kids and big kids too! Is Keepsake Cottage moving or closing?


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