Friday, January 9, 2015

Free Motion Friday: Forest Abstractions

Several months ago I got to be a pattern tester for Violet Craft's Forest Abstractions pattern. There were several animals to choose from and I went with the lovable coyote. Isn't he cute? I knew that I would eventually add another friend or two and make him into a baby quilt. When my sister found out she was having a boy, it was time to finish this quilt.

I pieced a little mouse at the Seattle MQG Retreat in November and finished by putting the two together. As with most of my quilts, it was the right size when I had used the fabric I had to make it as big as possible. Also like the others, I didn't bother to square it up before quilting. I mean, what's the difference if it's cut off before or after it's quilted?

The quilting on this one was SO much fun. I wanted to give them a little layer of pebbles and swirls to stand on so that is what's going across the bottom of the quilt. For the expansive negative space along the top, I really wanted to practice Angela Walter's signature design. I love the way that one looks. I tried out several designs for that middle section but I was just stuck until my friend Megan suggested some organic straight vertical lines to fill that space. It was just right.

All that was left was to give the coyote some fur, some seriously messed up eyes (really, don't even look for them), and a little quilting on the mouse too.

Finally finished, I gave this quilt to my nephew for Christmas. He's not old enough to like it or not yet but he did look pretty happy on it! And I've assured his mom that he can spit up to his heart's content all over this. Gotta love that neutral Osnaburg background!


  1. Very cool and so sweet it was for your nephew!

  2. The Coyote is so cute and the last Picture is swwweeeeeet. I love your quilting!

  3. I love this!! Perfect for a baby quilt!


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