Thursday, January 29, 2015

All of the arrows

February is my month to pick out a design for the Believe circle of do, Good Stitches and I just can't get arrows out of my head. They're everywhere right now! I have a Pinterest board where I've been saving some of my faves, and there may be a feather or two that snuck in there too. I mean, they totally go together, right?

Schnitzel & Boo's Mini Quilt

Intricately paper pieced or totally improved, they are all great. There are tons of patterns out there so I will leave this month pretty open as far as what you make. Send me some arrows, any arrows you'd like to make. I don't mind putting a small feather or two in there but I'd like to keep it mostly arrows. As for size, I will leave that open too but please try to send the equivalent of two 12 1/2" blocks.

Our own Sarah {no hats in the house} made up this adorable feather block
For colors, think fresh and springy like the palette below. Prints and solids are both fine but I'd like a background of solid light neutrals - white, cream, light grey, khaki. If you need a little extra definition in the form of a deep brown or black in your arrows, that's okay, go for it. Just have fun with these!
The Perfect Palette: Bouquet

One more fun example:

arrows by Jenny Makes Stuff


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