Friday, October 31, 2014

Free Motion Friday: Falling

Alright, time for the quilting reveal of my Falling quilt I showed you earlier this week! I knew from the beginning exactly how I wanted to quilt this one. Blowing wind swirling the leaves down to the ground. I'm still working on the execution but this was good practice. I have several ideas pinned on my FMQ board that I was aiming for. I think some drawing is in order before my next one.

The top half of the quilt worked just fine, doing the FMQ in a matching blue 40 wt Mettler thread. Juki was in a terrible mood for the lower half however and my thread broke at least 25 times At least. Plus one titanium needle busted into three pieces. Dang! But somehow we managed to get through it and once it was done it was great.


In my quest to do anything and everything to make the thread stop breaking, I ended up buying a few extra spools of thread. The one I used the most on the lower half was a variegated YLI in the perfect shades of orange and yellow. It looks UH-mazing on the back. So pretty! Speaking of the back - I found this gorgeous sheet at Ikea in Portland last month that I bought for the backing. It was in the as-is section (no packaging) so I'm not sure exactly what it is but it feels like a 600+ thread count sheet. It was just the right size to use for the backing and facing.

This is my first time doing facing (using this tutorial). I can't imagine this quilt with a binding, I think the facing is just right. Of course, I still have to sew it down to the back but for now a little Elmer's will hold it just fine. That's where the binding app comes in, right Seattle MQG? Maybe some elves will finish it for me in the middle of the night. A girl can dream...

I'm so happy to be done with this one and ready to wash and use it. I haven't decided just yet where it's home will be but I think these Oakshotts are begging to stay at my house at least for awhile. As this was my ALOYF goal for October, I'll be linking up over at the party at Fiber of All Sorts and Sew Bittersweet Designs.

Happy Halloween!


  1. I really love this one and the quilting is perfect - too bad about all the thread breakage tho. Glad to see you used Elizabeth's faced binding tutorial - didn't it work well? Really nice finish on this quilt - or almost finish. ;-)

  2. What a great autumn combo! Your choice of quilting suits so well. Well done!

  3. nice! that blue really makes the autumn colors pop

  4. You already know I love, love, love this quilt! It perfectly captures the delight of fall leaves against a blue sky. And your quilting is just right. I love the swirling and blowing leaves!

  5. Really awesome fall quilt. It so looks like leaves falling. Makes feel happy we I see it.


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